The Suffolk coast line is approximately 49 miles long and with Stuarts Outdoor ideally placed for both the picturesque fishing town of Aldeburgh as well as the historic Landguard Forte at Felixstowe, giving you the perfect opportunity for nonstop fishing.  

By offering a comprehensive range of fresh bait, Stuarts Outdoor can enable even the most amateur angler a chance to catch ‘plat du jour’.


Our ragworm bait, supplied during spring and summer, is ideal for tempting those Bass, Plaice and Sole from the Suffolk coastline.  Whether it be on Shingle Street beach, just eight miles from Stuarts Outdoor, or nestling within the groins of Aldeburgh, bait one line or even three, and try your hand at catching a Sole that would rival the quality of any  fish and chip shop.


Our Lugworm, aka ‘Assassin cod bait’, is perfect during the winter months.  Sold in a minimum quantity of 25, so rest assured you won’t be receiving just one long malleable tube of worm. Black Lugworm bait is also available for the connoisseur cod angler in those winter months.  Why buy frozen bait when Stuarts Outdoor can supply these wee beasties fresh?


Mackerel is not only a gastro pub favourite, it’s also the popular choice of Bass and Whiting, making it an ideal fishing bait.  Not the easiest fish to catch around Suffolk, Mackerel can fishing can involve long hours of waiting as you try to  entice them into your lure. Alternatively you can  buy them at Stuarts Outdoor, they’re always available and there is no need to order.

Sand Eel & Squid

Now should you find yourself in the  predicament that fish just keep leaping onto your line to enjoy the fantastically prepared bait, you may have the need for some bulk feed - the two veg to go with the meat if you like.  Supplied by Stuarts Outdoor, Sand Eel and Squid are and ideal choice for packing out the hook.

Fresh Water Bait

Fresh bait should not only be limited to sea fishing, fresh water fishing is equally as competitive here in our Suffolk waters. Stuarts Outdoor is conveniently situated in less than a mile from the nearest lakes at Breakaway Pits,  and sometimes the traditional methods of live bait can be favourable to pellets and Boilies.  Live maggots can be sought daily from our store, as can Lobworm.  A single Lobworm can be equally as enticing as a collection of maggots on a line!  

Our extensive and unrivailled range of fresh and frozen bait is available all year round, and if your not sure which bait is best for your type of fishing we will guide through our range to help you entice that memorable catch. As we say, if we can’t get it, you don’t need it.